Electrical installations

In our long professional career, we have carried out high and low voltage installations in a multitude of automobile and component factories, food sector factories, hospitals, sports centres, hotels, retail textile sector, logistics sector, residential buildings, office buildings, football fields, etc.

We also have our own electrical workshop facility for the construction of electrical distribution panels up to 4,000A, as well as automation panels.

También disponemos de taller eléctrico propio para la construcción de cuadros eléctricos de distribución hasta 4.000A, así como cuadros de automatismos.

Telecommunications facilities

AUTELEC is an authorized installer of the following types of Telecommunications Systems:

A: telecommunications infrastructure in buildings or other facilities

B: telecommunications system installations

C: audio-visual systems installations

F: next-generation telecommunication infrastructure facilities and control, management and security telecommunications networks in buildings or building compounds.

We have extensive experience in copper and fibre optics computer networks, common new generation telecommunication infrastructures in buildings, audio-visual installations, home automation and building automation, etc.

Automation installation

AUTELEC is specialized in the installation of automatisms mainly in the automotive sector, carrying out car assembly activities, press lines, models, airways, maintenance, etc.

Our clients are the main engineering companies in industrial automation and robotics, as well as the automation departments of the automobile and component manufacturing industry.

We also have our own electrical workshop facility, in which we design and develop the different automation panels.


Preventive maintenance of electrical panels and installations, guaranteeing the continuity of the service.

Maintenance in High and Low Voltage as required by law.

Breakdown assistance.

Integral management

We carry out installations for the integral management of buildings, by monitoring signals and various actions, using centralized KNX, SCADA systems and web servers.

We are also specialized in access control systems and technical alarms.